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Flash Temporary Tattoo

    Flash Temporary Tattoo

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    Product description

    Natural Natural Looking, 2 Week Permanent Arm Tattoo

    There is one tattoo in the package.


    • Make sure that the area you are going to apply is clean, dry and free from cream or oil.
    • Cut the colored part as close as possible to the colored part so that it is clear exactly which area the tattoo will apply.

    • Remove the gelatin on it and stick it with the tattoo facing your skin.
    • Press on the paper for a few seconds with a wet towel or wet cloth. In the meantime, be careful not to shift the paper.

    • Remove the paper from your skin.
    • Your tattoo is ready.
    • Please do not rub as long as the tattoo remains on your skin.
    • 20 minutes after the application.
    • please do not stretch your skin and let it dry.
    • If you want to remove it, rub it with baby oil, olive oil or wet wipes.

    I hope you will be satisfied using it..


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