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Shipping and Handling Policy

Shipping Time Mostly Takes
7 to 14 working days
Some Packages May Come Separately

Shipping and Delivery

1- The customer must enter the recipient's name with the delivery address correctly, and in case of a mistake in the address or contact numbers, this may cause delay or non-delivery of the shipment or impose additional fees by the shipping company or delivery representative. The delivery company may also require an ID to match the recipient's name before submitting the order.

2- The estimated time of arrival of the goods is an estimated time, and we will do our best to receive your order as soon as possible, except that the order may be delayed beyond the control of the store.

3- The request may be delayed by the customer for reasons related to the customer himself, such as his absence at the delivery site, his failure to return to the delivery representative, or his request to change the delivery address, and in such circumstances the store and the private delivery company are not considered to be late.

4- If the shipment arrived and it is damaged internally in a customer to inform the shipping company before receiving the order, and then inform the store directly.

5- The customer is responsible for customs clearance, value-added tax and any government fees, restrictions or other laws imposed by country.

6- Delayed shipment due to lack of information, relieves the store of responsibility for delay.

7- After shipping the order, the customer will follow up the order with the shipping company to ensure that it is received on time.

8- If the customer does not receive a message with a sequence number, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact the store to provide him with the tracking ..

Order Cancellation Policy

After shipping the order, the customer cannot amend or cancel it.